Meet the Maurers

Meet the Artists

Since 2005, Bill and I traveled and painted together, then we were married in the quaint town of Fernandina Beach, Florida. Our union took place in our favorite historic building, the old brick courthouse on Centre Street, a subject we had both painted many times.kathleen-bill-wedding-crop We are two painters with a vastly different genre, so signing paintings with the same name won’t create a problem when trying to tell “Which Maurer is which?”

Painting in our home gallery allows us to continue enjoying the life we love. We turn on our favorite music, set up our palettes, and paint together as often as we can. These are the days we enjoy the most! Painting, creating, laughing… always discussing colors, shadows, subjects, and perhaps some art history. Just painting together and getting lost in the day!

We both plan to continue teaching our workshops here on Amelia Island throughout the year, sharing our many years of knowledge with our returning students each year, whether just beginning or advancing.

kathleen-and-william-2016-300Traveling to France every summer keeps our lives happy, romantic and creative! That’s us!

Kathleen Maurer has lived in Fernandina Beach since 1979. After graduating from Florida State College in Jacksonville as a Licensed Practical Nurse she returned to her life’s interest, painting.

She attended Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, prior to moving to Amelia Island. She is a member of the Miniature Art Society of Florida, and The Island Art Association, Fernandina Beach, where she served as Gallery Director and Board Member. She was active in forming the Grants Committee and was instrumental in changing their policy to allow the Associate Members to exhibit their art.

Kathleen Maurer

Kathleen Maurer 

As Publicity Director, Kathleen was responsible for the Association’s Newsletter and served on the Patron’s Committee. Since becoming an Associate Member, she often travels to France where she has received instructions at The Association des Beaux-Arts de Cannes. She is a previous member of The Glynn Art Association, St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, and P.A.S.T.A. (St. Augustine, FL).

Maurer has won numerous awards at the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival and The Elderhostel exhibit. This award-winning artist has sold to private collectors throughout the United States and Europe.

Kathleen currently teaches Acrylic Painting, sharing her many years of knowledge and introducing beginner’s to the medium. Her inspirational manner of teaching motivates her students to return, having learned a wealth of information and new ideas to continue various techniques in acrylic painting.

William R. Maurer

William R. Maurer

Artist William R. Maurer began his formal training at Pratt Institute in 1955. He later received a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University and entered the premiere class of the École Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. A native of New York City, he has resided part-time in France since 1962. He had his own architectural offices in Morocco during 1970-80 and traveled extensively throughout North Africa.

The artist has always enjoyed painting as an extension of the architectural experience. When you look at Maurer’s beautifully rendered paintings and see the expert use of clean, subtle color along with the precise appointment of his brush, it will be no surprise to learn that before retiring from his firm in Morocco, he was an international architect.

Maurer has painted subjects throughout the world and continues to find an interesting genre to draw from. Living in Cannes, France during the summer months and in Fernandina Beach, Florida during the remainder of the year, gives him ample opportunity to paint the quaint, charming street and boat scenes that he has become well-known for. He says he “Paints in an impressionist manner, constantly experimenting with color and technique; always searching for free expression, taking liberty with design and composition.”


There is nothing more satisfying than to own or create an original piece of art.

This piece can be seen at the Nassau County Public Library in Fernandina’s Historical Room.

The softness of the hues and the choice of the original colors tend to get lost in mass produced work especially with watercolors. Be aware as you look at the work presented on this site that due to different viewing equipment colors may vary from the actual tones. Note, as you are enjoying the individual paintings that the originals are even more spectacular and beautiful.

Many of the images featured on this site are in William’s published book “Sketches of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach.” The third printing of this book will be available in January 2018 exclusively at the Book Loft in historic, Fernandina Beach.

Bill paints subjects throughout the world and is continuously finding interesting genre to draw from. He also likes to share his knowledge of painting by offering workshops in Cannes, France and when in the U.S. teaches continuing watercolor classes. He is not only demonstrating his talent, but leads his students through completed projects following professional instructional methods.