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After the 2012 Amelia Island Book Festival

The Amelia Island Book Festival on February 18, 2012 was a most interesting exciting day for many. A crowded room at all times introduced four big authors to include Paula McLain, The Paris Wife; David Morrell, Creepers (and the founder of Rambo); Steve Berry, The Jefferson Key and Tatjana Soli, The Lotus Eaters. Continue Reading

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Sketches of Amelia Goes to Print for Second Time

Sketches of Amelia Goes to Print for Second TimeSketches of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, The Mark of William Maurer is now in its second printing since 2007. The first printing of 2500 copies has just about sold out. This 13 inch, beautiful hard cover coffee table book depicting the artist’s original sketches and beautiful watercolors of Amelia Island is being well received. Among those are visitors to the island, new brides for their guests to sign, realtors welcoming new comers, and art lovers as well. Continue Reading

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Sales Increase over twenty year old painting

Centre Street Painting It is the anniversary of a painting that I did in 1992 for the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. I had painted an acrylic painting of the Marina Restaurant, First U.S. Customs House. A local favorite street scene of the downtown historical block of Fernandina. Continue Reading

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Pet Portraits by Kathleen Maurer

Pet Portraits I have such joy capturing the essence of animal’s character. Whether my subject has feathers or fur, is domestic or wild, I get so much enjoyment out of discovering what may appear while creating an accurate portrayal of an animal on canvas. Continue Reading

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Loyal Art Customer

We stopped into the Amelia Island Coffee Shop downtown Fernandina Beach recently one Saturday and while William was ordering I proceeded to refill our bio rack card displays and hang a new painting. I noticed a nice gentleman observing our paintings and mentioned that he looked familiar to me. He went on to say that he didn’t know me, however he said he had five of the artists original paintings and was checking to see if there were any new paintings displayed! It is not every day that you run into such a loyal fan. It was both rewarding and humble to meet someone that had collected so many pieces of William Maurer’s art over the years.

After talking with the customer I introduced William to him and they discussed the different paintings that he had. Subject matter that ranged from seascapes to landscapes and local homes .I am sure that he’ll be returning occasionally just to check and see what new inspirations William Maurer has come up with, and if he can be the lucky customer to purchase it.

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I Judged the 2011 Shrimp Festival

Art Judge William Maurer

William Maurer

By: William Maurer

What an interesting day! It was the 2011 Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival and I was to judge 300 booths with fellow artist Ken Wallin.

It all started when Sharon Badenoch, representative with the Island Art Association jurying committee met me at 7:30 a.m. She was my contact organizer to judge seven different categories of Arts and Crafts. We met all of our assistants and team at the new Island Art Association Education Center on 2nd Street and we left at 8:30;
two judges and two assistants each; a team of six.

It was a sinuous path going up and down Centre and side streets covering an incredible array of artistic expression from whirly-gigs to fine oil paintings, pottery to dresses, jewelry to gourds.

As the morning progressed the crowds and cooking aromas filled the air and the temperatures rose. It seems like miles to the final oasis: lunch. I could have napped, but off to jurying since all of the selected entries were now assembled at the Island Art Association Education center.

It was about 3:30 when we finished, an exhausting day!

It was really exhilarating to participate in judging. It gave me a renewed sense that the Arts are alive and well in Fernandina Beach, Florida. The creative talents were so well represented. It gave me a sense of pride. Our little community organized the talents of so many divergent artists.

Sometimes items of jewelry, pottery, and garden deco became the choice of the category
of sculpture. Many fine items were given honorable mentions and we wish we could have given more prizes and mentions.

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Summer Student Art Show

original student art I ended my year of Basic Acrylic painting classes with another show for my students!

This year I purchased 18, 10 x 10 gallery wrapped squares and gave one to each student to paint with the subject of their choice, to be for sale at our Space, Maurer Fine Art, Booth 35, Eight Flags Antique Market on Centre Street. Each student priced their own piece of art between $45- 150. These are all original and their own creative designs.

One of the purposes of this project was to allow them the privilege to show their art to the public, and to see the other side of the art world of selling. It’s a great feeling to sell a piece of your art… but what about when it doesn’t and it sits there for months and months, maybe years. Do you feel rejection? Artists generally have great sensitivity, and so learning to paint is one thing, learning to sell it is another. Where do you go after you paint it, and have so many stored paintings and so many that you can give away as gifts. Why not try and have the opportunity to SELL. So I made a vacant wall in our little shop/booth just for them to give them an opportunity to try…and guess what? The first one has already sold in less than a few weeks. This beautiful painting of coneflowers by Roxanne Bieber of Fernandina and Vermont called “Rainies Garden”.

Last year’s show was at the now closed J & S Frame Gallery called the First 9th Street Community Garden Show from St. Peter’s church gardener’s.

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2011 Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival

Shrimp Festival Poster This week is the 48th Isle of Eight Flags Annual Shrimp Festival here in Fernandina Beach and the second year in a row that we will not be in our usual Space 212 on Centre Street.

However, if you look behind the Space to the Amelia Island Coffee Shop, William Maurer has some of his art for sale in there. It’s been a busy two years for us since William’s fall, not only becoming newlyweds, but with Kathleen being diagnosed with MS last year.

William will be walking around this year jurying the Art and Crafts show on Saturday morning. You can also see many of his art prints and originals at the Eight Flags Antique Market on Centre Street, Space 35, Open M-S 10-6, and
Sunday 12-5

William was the 2009 Shrimp Festival Poster artist that sold hundreds of posters that year, and some are still available at various locations; Eight Flags Antique Market, Books Plus, Amelia Island Coffee Shop, The Amelia Island Museum of History and all are welcome to visit the artists home gallery by appt. and view many local paintings as well as his paintings from France. Also, look for the remaining copies of his coffee table book Sketches of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, The Mark of William Maurer, find them at many locations around the island and our website!

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