I Judged the 2011 Shrimp Festival

Art Judge William Maurer

William Maurer

By: William Maurer

What an interesting day! It was the 2011 Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival and I was to judge 300 booths with fellow artist Ken Wallin.

It all started when Sharon Badenoch, representative with the Island Art Association jurying committee met me at 7:30 a.m. She was my contact organizer to judge seven different categories of Arts and Crafts. We met all of our assistants and team at the new Island Art Association Education Center on 2nd Street and we left at 8:30;
two judges and two assistants each; a team of six.

It was a sinuous path going up and down Centre and side streets covering an incredible array of artistic expression from whirly-gigs to fine oil paintings, pottery to dresses, jewelry to gourds.

As the morning progressed the crowds and cooking aromas filled the air and the temperatures rose. It seems like miles to the final oasis: lunch. I could have napped, but off to jurying since all of the selected entries were now assembled at the Island Art Association Education center.

It was about 3:30 when we finished, an exhausting day!

It was really exhilarating to participate in judging. It gave me a renewed sense that the Arts are alive and well in Fernandina Beach, Florida. The creative talents were so well represented. It gave me a sense of pride. Our little community organized the talents of so many divergent artists.

Sometimes items of jewelry, pottery, and garden deco became the choice of the category
of sculpture. Many fine items were given honorable mentions and we wish we could have given more prizes and mentions.

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