New Acrylic Class Theme

Painting with AcrylicsBy: Kathleen Maurer

My acrylic class for the next session is going to Europe for the next six weeks!

NOT literally, but in a sense as we’re painting all European scenes and subjects from France and Italy. (I know my regular students are growing tired of marshes!) This is going to be a great series! We’ll have to flip a switch in our minds and challenge
our talents to travel to unknown territories!

To those of you that have been to the warm-yellow tones of Provence you can probably
already see the colors… and to those who haven’t been, you’ll now be able to reach out
and touch them.

We’ll begin with a simple photo I took in Nice, France of a window balcony with flowers.
You can add your own or change the colors. I used that fabulous “Breton” french blue!

Please by all means bring in your own picture to paint too. The bringing in your “choice”
class seemed to work very well last series. My painting is on a small canvas, but then again, this is your choice too. Remember you should sign them, and hang them in an appropriate place in your homes!

If you are coming the same day as before that’s great. If you are changing days let me know.

See you Thurs, Feb.24, and Fri., Feb 25th.

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