Painting Still Life with Acrylic Paint

My acrylic painting class studies Still Life paintings this week. My group of twelve art students will be painting a Still Life subject of pears in a bowl. In French this means, “nature morte”, meaning dead nature.

Usually placing a group of objects together that do not move can be considered a still life. Still life painting actually started thousands of years ago from the ancient Egyptians. They didn’t care about making things look realistic, they just wanted to show what it was. Usually something like a basket of fruit. Later the Greeks and Romans came along wanting things to look a bit more realistic than the Egyptians efforts.

Still life painting took off in the 1500’s in northern Europe. During the Middle Ages art was supposed to serve Christianity. Still life continued in the 16th and 17th century with the impressionists and post impressionists but photography had been invented so they weren’t as concerned with photo-realistic paintings. Instead they experimented more with color and shapes. Also with the way paint was applied to the canvas.

Paul Cezanne was the greatest of all when it came to still life. He was a genius with color. Van Gogh was another, whose well-known Sunflowers sold for $40 million dollars in 1987. Look for the intensity of color and non realistic use of color that these artists evoked in the beauty of the objects they chose by not making them photographic and by representation of exaggerating their brushstrokes. This will all be presented in my acrylic painting workshop featuring the still life, Pears in a Bowl.

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