Pet Portraits by Kathleen Maurer

Pet Portraits I have such joy capturing the essence of animal’s character. Whether my subject has feathers or fur, is domestic or wild, I get so much enjoyment out of discovering what may appear while creating an accurate portrayal of an animal on canvas. I use everybit of reference that I can get my hands on. I’ll sketch a position, and carry a camera. Taking photographs outdoors in natural light is best if at all possible. Always remembering to have the sun at my back I take as many photos as possible. The urge to overwork by painting every hair and whisker must be avoided. It is more effective to paint an impression of the coat, and make the hair or fur look light and soft with just a few brushstrokes. The designs of Mother Nature usually had a serious purpose. There are so many amazing patterns, stripes, contours, or spots. I study any individual markings or features that help me to capture the animals spirit. Painting and drawing animal faces requires close study. Placement of the individual features, such as eyes, ears and nose, is most important, and if you get them wrong, it is very noticeable. Just as with people, the faces of animals can be full of character. I want my viewer to absolutely recognize their pet. Right into their souls. Their characters, afterall the owners see them all the time, I too have to capture them as if I also do. Animals show character changes with their whole bodies, not just their faces.

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