Sales Increase over twenty year old painting

Centre Street Painting It is the anniversary of a painting that I did in 1992 for the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. I had painted an acrylic painting of the Marina Restaurant, First U.S. Customs House. A local favorite street scene of the downtown historical block of Fernandina.

As I had set up my display in the 700 block on Centre Street that morning a customer from Atlanta was passing by and he had to have it and purchased the painting on the spot. He asked if he could leave it at my display booth while he walked around the Shrimp Festival to see other arts and crafts and return for it.After he left, the owner of the Marina Restaurant came by and she had to have it also. It being sold ,I offered to do another for her as a commission.

As the story goes, I did and that one remained in the window of the Marina Restaurant for many, many years. Since it became so popular and more clients wanted to buy one, I decided that they would not be original to continue painting the same scene, and also as an artist, I do not like to paint the same scene over and over again.

When I painted this, I photographed many different pictures of this scene along with many various times of the day, sunlight and shadows. The decision was made to take the original to Valdosta to a printing company and make 500 copies to be sold as reproductions of the same scene. It was then printed in the original size, with a white border and the name and title of the subject. I can’t recall when they sold out. I really never thought they would become so popular. Postcards were later made and continue to sell. Even they could be framed.

This scene is not only a favorite historical block in the city, but it is also the favorite local restaurant, making it a more desirable memory for visitors and local residents.

It is now twenty years later since I painted that scene. As my artistic license allows, at that time there was an empty lot on the block between the buildings used as a parking lot for the Marina Restaurant, so I painted it out, connecting the buildings. Later the businesses Books Plus and Magna’s were built there. So this painting is pre- Books Plus and Magna’s Hair Salon.

Twenty years later, I am reprinting this scene at so many requests. However, I am printing it in a smaller format. The two lucky ones that have the two originals, and the 500 customers that have the first 500 color separated reproductions probably never knew at the time that this painting would have been so desired.

The Marina Restaurant, First Customs House print continues to be sold in and around the city and website in both prints, note cards, and postcards.

I just may paint it again to see how it would look in both my painting style now, as well as what I’ve learned in art, and how the historic block has changed over twenty years!

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