Sketches of Amelia Goes to Print for Second Time

Sketches of Amelia Goes to Print for Second TimeSketches of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, The Mark of William Maurer is now in its second printing since 2007. The first printing of 2500 copies has just about sold out. This 13 inch, beautiful hard cover coffee table book depicting the artist’s original sketches and beautiful watercolors of Amelia Island is being well received. Among those are visitors to the island, new brides for their guests to sign, realtors welcoming new comers, and art lovers as well. Unlike a photo album, this book is a collection of his past ten years of teaching sketching and original paintings throughout the island.

Unlike the lens of a camera, the work of an artist is to interpret a subject by the best light, thus developing better shades and shadows. Maurer sought out many of these subjects a few days prior to teaching them in his workshops. He always tried to find a special place that would appeal to his students with interest. On Amelia Island there are endless subjects.

Weather permitting, you’ll still see William out and about around town with either his easel painting watercolors, or possibly just a sketchbook and pencil. He takes groups out on Thursday mornings. They meet at 10 a.m. at the Amelia Island Coffee Shop.

The book is also divided into chapters of the island. One section will have the beaches, another the B & B’s, churches or the Amelia River. It is written with an interesting historical text by local historian Jan Johannes.

This book is available on this website at and at local Fernandina Beach book stores. It may also be found at Eight Flags Antique Shop on Centre Street.

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