Summer Student Art Show

original student art I ended my year of Basic Acrylic painting classes with another show for my students!

This year I purchased 18, 10 x 10 gallery wrapped squares and gave one to each student to paint with the subject of their choice, to be for sale at our Space, Maurer Fine Art, Booth 35, Eight Flags Antique Market on Centre Street. Each student priced their own piece of art between $45- 150. These are all original and their own creative designs.

One of the purposes of this project was to allow them the privilege to show their art to the public, and to see the other side of the art world of selling. It’s a great feeling to sell a piece of your art… but what about when it doesn’t and it sits there for months and months, maybe years. Do you feel rejection? Artists generally have great sensitivity, and so learning to paint is one thing, learning to sell it is another. Where do you go after you paint it, and have so many stored paintings and so many that you can give away as gifts. Why not try and have the opportunity to SELL. So I made a vacant wall in our little shop/booth just for them to give them an opportunity to try…and guess what? The first one has already sold in less than a few weeks. This beautiful painting of coneflowers by Roxanne Bieber of Fernandina and Vermont called “Rainies Garden”.

Last year’s show was at the now closed J & S Frame Gallery called the First 9th Street Community Garden Show from St. Peter’s church gardener’s.

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