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Loyal Art Customer

We stopped into the Amelia Island Coffee Shop downtown Fernandina Beach recently one Saturday and while William was ordering I proceeded to refill our bio rack card displays and hang a new painting. I noticed a nice gentleman observing our paintings and mentioned that he looked familiar to me. He went on to say that he didn’t know me, however he said he had five of the artists original paintings and was checking to see if there were any new paintings displayed! It is not every day that you run into such a loyal fan. It was both rewarding and humble to meet someone that had collected so many pieces of William Maurer’s art over the years.

After talking with the customer I introduced William to him and they discussed the different paintings that he had. Subject matter that ranged from seascapes to landscapes and local homes .I am sure that he’ll be returning occasionally just to check and see what new inspirations William Maurer has come up with, and if he can be the lucky customer to purchase it.

September 20, 2011Kathleen Comments Off on Loyal Art Customer
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