Welcome to Provence!

Introduction/ Class Outline

1. Review blocking in Nice, France. Street Window – remember to see the shapes, forms, darks and lights. Add all the Color at the very end!

2. Underpainting- exaggerating color. Lots of wet-into-wet blending Lavendar

3. Tone surface, begin line and mass approach, and with horizon line. Details last. Wine, table, Still Life

4. Same way to begin as all others. Just a different challenge: The People of Provence

5. Bring in your Choice – Look for subjects that will challenge you, as well as you’ll enjoy painting it. Something that will gain your confidence.

6. Sunflower Fields or Poppy Fields

Summer is filled with these warm colors.
No detail is involved… lots of blending and simplicity of the landscape. An “impression” only, knowing when to stop, hold the viewer, and take control of your color!!!

… “can’t you just smell the croissants now?”

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